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  • When a Headache Really IS a Brain Tumor

    Anyone who ever experiences a troublesome headache can’t help but wonder at some point if they might have a brain tumor. Most never act on that paranoia, but there are times when you should pay a little closer attention to your pain and perhaps contact your doctor to schedule an exam.

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  • Back Pain? Have you Considered Your Weight?

    Any health professional will tell you that maintaining a consistent weight is necessary for your general health. In particular, the function of your spine is greatly impacted weight gain. Excess weight can cause pain in both your neck and back and even lead to injury.

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  • Sleeping with a Cervical Pillow

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  • Improve Your Posture with a Foam Roller

    How many times were you told as a child to “stand up straight?” More than likely your parents recognized the importance of good posture and maybe even regretted that theirs wasn’t what it should be. In addition to the superficial advantages of looking up to 10 pounds lighter and leaner when you stand up tall, proper posture balances your body and keeps everything aligned. It also assists in muscle and joint function and helps to prevent back pain.

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  • Is Your Bed To Blame For Your Back Pain?

    When your body is tired and aching, most people assume that a good night’s sleep is the answer to finding relief. And they’re right! Rest is often exactly what your body needs to heal itself. What most people don’t realize, however, is that where you rest might actually be what’s causing your pain. We spend nearly one third of our lives lying in bed, so it’s important to make sure you have a mattress that is going to reduce discomfort, keep your spine naturally aligned and promote sound sleep to rejuvenate your muscles and joints.

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