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Your First Visit

What to Expect

What to Expect on Your First Visit

When scheduling a new patient appointment in our office you will be asked to bring in your most recent medical records in reference to the modality (such as Brain, Cervical/Neck, Thoracic/Mid-back, Lumbar/Lower-Back) you are requesting to be treated.

What Records to Bring

Your medical records should consist of your most recent MRI or CT scans, EMG studies that may have been completed, the consult note of the doctor who referred you and any operative notes of previous surgeries you have had done on the modality in question

The most important item that will be needed for your appointment will be your imaging studies. These can be brought in on a CD (preferred) or as printed films (hard copies).


We accept most insurance plans. Please contact our office for confirmation and further information.

Payments Accepted

We accept the following credit cards:

American Express

Discover Credit Card